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MINA Lenders Promotes the Ella Inc. Program - Phase One: Empowering Young Women in the Business World

In its commitment to the community, MINA Lenders has established a strategic partnership with the Casimiro Global Foundation for the development of its Ella Inc. workshop program - phase one, joining the campaign and support for young female entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for community socio-economic development from a business perspective. The local company AID Solutions, represented by its founder and president, Ana Ramírez, was in charge of the recruitment and selection of participants, as well as the workshop logistics.

This event, held from May 17 to 19, 2024, marked a historic moment in Southern New Jersey as it was the first time since its inception that Ella Inc. presented its successful workshop in the United States of America.

About Ella Inc.

Ella Inc. is a revolutionary interdisciplinary learning program designed by the Casimiro Global Foundation to empower young women aged 16 to 19, with the goal of turning them into leaders of social entrepreneurship. Through this program, participants learn to create impactful social projects that add value to their communities.

Program Development

The workshop, corresponding to the first phase of the program, spanned three intense days of learning, growth, and inspiration. It began with an orientation session on the program, led by Mr. Juan Casimiro, founder of the Casimiro Global Foundation. Mr. Ángel Fuentes, president of the Camden City Council At-Large, also attended, closely following this activity aimed at the socio-economic development of Southern New Jersey.

On the second day of the Ella Inc. workshop, participants had the opportunity to learn to use management tools and researched the current needs of the community they are part of. The young leaders honed their critical thinking skills, explored global challenges and solutions as part of the Ella Inc. program, and discovered new ways and alternatives for social impact in their communities. Additionally, a conference on the "7 Mindsets for Social Impact" was offered, After delving into the world of entrepreneurship, they began the ideation process for their individual projects.

Participants received theoretical and technical training on business models and applied the CANVAS Model to structure their social impact concepts. The proposed ideas proved to be truly innovative and promising for generating positive changes in their communities.

Workshop Closing

On the third day of the workshop, the participants culminated with the pitching of their social impact projects before two panels of judges composed of distinguished personalities: Nelbaluz Reyes, Ruth Perez, Carmen Ubarry, Dinette Rivera, Dr. Isabel Sangeun Lee, Elaysel German, and Linda Martinez. Certificates were awarded to the participants, recognizing their commitment and participation in the program.  The magician Frank Kennedy added a special touch to the event closing with his amazing performance.

The directors of MINA Lenders expressed their gratitude to Hopeworks Camden for generously providing their facilities to host the Ella Inc. program participants during the three-day workshop, opening their doors to create positive and transformative change in their communities. In this first installment of the Ella Inc. program, young students Destiny Nunez, Janiyah Gonzalez, and Fatina Lozier were selected as winners. They will move on to the second phase, Ella Inc. - Camp FIU, a two-week event held at the FIU campus, fully funded by the Casimiro Global Foundation.


Editorial: Norma Bolaños

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