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Building a Legacy of Empowerment and Financial Support

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MINA LENDERS was first developed by Belkis Shindell some fifteen years ago while working in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for a company named SNV Group of Funds, were she worked with many types of investors and borrowers to promote the growth of mostly poverty-stricken individuals in this third world country. She realized that poor potential borrowers had little chance of being funded by traditional methods and those that were willing to lend to them were doing so at usurious rates and terms which nearly guaranteed their collateral would be confiscated. When Belkis moved to the United States, she quickly realized the need for financial support immigrants had and began to assemble a team of people she trusted and established the team of professionals who would be top managers of MINA LENDERS.


In working for a Philadelphia PA based micro lender, Belkis discovered multiple inconsistences, discrimination, prejudice, injustice, among others, between the so-called mission of offering financial solutions to low-income entrepreneurs, the development of activities to qualify potential clients and the mistreatment during the credit committee sessions of the supposed loans with a character of economic and social development. She decided that the accumulation of experience, knowledge, and the client portfolio would be enough to undertake a project that would respond to the financial need of emerging entrepreneurs and that would result in a positive socio-economic impact for their communities. Most of these prospects are handicapped by lack of English language skills, and some degree of ignorance of the United States’ financial system. Many have approached traditional lending sources, e.g., commercial banks and have been bluntly denied and trepidation prohibits them from seeking further help.


Minorities Allied Lenders® is a nonprofit organization recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, dedicated to supporting the working-class individuals of South Jersey and the metropolitan area of Philadelphia. Our primary mission is to provide microenterprise funds and community development support to empower these individuals to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs, ultimately building a brighter future for themselves and their communities. MINA operates as an innovative services provider, generating, capturing, and delivering social and economic value to those we serve. Our founders are driven by the desire to share their history, knowledge, experience, and skills, aiming to inspire individuals from developing communities to be successful in their business endeavors, capable to be financially independent.



Our mission is to empower individuals from disadvantage communities with skills and entrepreneurial knowledge to build wealth for their families and future generations.


Accompany our entrepreneurs to make their business ideas come true and see them
progress socially and economically.


  • Social responsibility

  • Innovation   

  • Independence from political, commercial, and religious ideals

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration 

  • Transparency 


MINA Lenders guarantees there will be no discrimination against individuals due to color, religion, sexual orientation, or native country. It promises a fair credit rate to those approved and a transparent closing document so the client will be fully and clearly aware of its responsibilities. It promises a speedy and conscientious analysis of the credit and no undue delays from underwriting to closing and funding. It promises a rapid response to any complaints or perceived misjudgments by MINA Lenders.

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