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Opening Doors Conference: A Guide for First-Time Home Buyers

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The longing to own a home is a shared dream for everyone, and with the purpose of providing essential information to the community about acquiring homes in the United States, the "Opening Doors: Guide for First-Time Home Buyers" Conference took place at the facilities of San Andrés Episcopal Church in Camden City, NJ.

During this event, experts in the field of mortgage loans shared their knowledge and experience in a clear and accessible presentation, enabling attendees to understand the requirements, procedures, and necessary steps to realize their dream of acquiring their first home.

Among the distinguished speakers, Josefina Gomez, co-founder of Minorities Allied Lenders (MINA), detailed the crucial steps to apply for mortgage loans, while Joanna Valdez (CrossCountry Mortgage) provided valuable information on loans with ITIN, and state assistance for the down payment. Additionally, Keisy González (Colon Realty Group) addressed topics such as buyer representation in the purchase agreement. In line with these subjects, Edgar Cruz and Celenia Martínez (Realty Mark Advantage) emphasized the importance of property verification, home inspections, and completing the process for the formalization of property acquisition.

It is essential to remember that MINA offers comprehensive counseling services during the home acquisition process, providing mentors with extensive experience in the field and a community-focused approach. This support is especially directed towards Hispanic immigrants who may not fully master the English language and may not be aware of the opportunities available to realize the dream of acquiring their first home for the benefit of their entire family. In every word shared during the conference, a path toward the realization of a dream we all share was traced: owning a home.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños

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