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Navigating Towards Business Success: A Conference Opening Paths for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The "Navigating Towards Business Success" Conference, organized and promoted by MINA, has been recognized as an event that has opened doors to the path of improvement and growth in the business world. Established and emerging entrepreneurs gathered with high expectations, eager to learn from experts on crucial topics for the launch and expansion of their businesses and entrepreneurial projects.

The conference addressed a wide range of relevant topics, such as the organizational structure of a company, the permits, and licenses necessary for its creation, discipline as a fundamental skill for business success, and the keys to triumph in sales and marketing, among others.

At this event, speakers included Donald Vidal (Mercatur Development Group), Juana Gutz (Delivery Guys), Edna Benavides (GPL Magazine), and Ana Pariona (Stylos TV). The surprise guest was Víctor Tejada, founder and president of Delivery Guys, a company whose success continues to impact nationally and internationally. His participation further enriched the attendees' experience.

The conference not only provided valuable business knowledge but also the opportunity to establish new business relationships, allowing participants to apply these learnings in their companies and accelerate their development significantly.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños

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