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Navigating the Path to Homeownership in the United States

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Embarking on the journey of purchasing a home in the United States is a significant step that demands thorough preparation, as highlighted by Josefina Gómez, the co-founder of Minorities Allied Lenders, and a recognized expert in mortgage loans, during her insightful interview with the Fundación Compartamos.

Josefina shed light on the challenges faced by some Latinos residing in the United States, particularly those grappling with language barriers, who may find themselves unaware of the essential steps involved in this process. That's precisely why MINA offers a dedicated support service designed to assist aspiring homeowners in navigating these requirements and bolstering their prospects of approval.

The seasoned expert emphasized the critical factors that financial institutions take into account when evaluating applications. "These factors encompass maintaining a stable job with a minimum duration of two years, coupled with a residency history of at least two years in a dwelling, whether it's rented or even a family home. For aspiring entrepreneurs, the financial profitability of their businesses plays a pivotal role in ensuring their ability to meet mortgage payments." Consequently, seeking expert guidance is presented as a reliable option to guarantee the fulfillment of these prerequisites.

The wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by MINA advisors extends a welcoming hand to the community interested in realizing their dreams of homeownership. As Josefina passionately asserted, "the dream of owning a residential property is within reach for all." She underscored the indispensable role played by the organization's support, illuminating how their guidance not only makes the path to homeownership possible but also renders it more transparent and efficient."

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Editorial: Norma Bolaños Quiroz

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