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MINA Emerges to Serve the South Jersey Underserved Communities.

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In an emotional interview, Pedro Rodríguez, Belkis Shindell, and Josefina Gómez, leaders of MINA Lenders, shared the story of this inspiring initiative. During the TV program "Quién y Qué," hosted by the brilliant communicator Edna Benavides, they revealed the motivations that drove them to create this organization, especially for the benefit of the Hispanic community in South Jersey and the metropolitan area of Philadelphia, PA.

From her perspective as a co-founder and community engagement coordinator, Josefina Gómez brings extensive experience in commercial loans for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as mortgage loans for individuals and companies. For Josefina, MINA represents the motivating vehicle to continue advising and supporting the Hispanic population of the community and providing them with the necessary training to navigate the demanding processes of obtaining resources in the financial system as a whole. According to Josefina: "Guiding our people with clarity and kindness is essential to build the necessary trust in this process."

In the same vein, Belkis Shindell, co-founder and CEO, an expert in banking and finance, emphasizes that MINA is based on two complementary pillars: first, the training of the community in financial education and business development, key elements in decision-making and the realization of entrepreneurial endeavors, and second, providing financial support for micro-entrepreneurs, either through MINA or by recommending them to other institutions. "Our goal is to accompany individuals from the conception of their idea to its full growth, backed by our knowledge at every step of the process," she emphasizes.

On his part, Pedro Rodríguez, director of the Board, and advisor to MINA in institutional relations with the government and corporate entities, says that his contribution to MINA is motivated by the mission to "empower entrepreneurs and small businesses in underserved communities, providing them with access to financial solutions for their development to give them active participation in the nation's economy." With his experience as a community activist and public servant, he suggests that "In a country full of opportunities, sometimes all that's needed is to offer a little push for doors to open, and many people will be benefit."

The legacy of MINA is the partnership of visionary leaders who, with passion and knowledge, are bringing about a transformation in the lives of the communities they serve.

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Editorial: Norma Bolaños Quiroz

MINA's Blog and Newsletter Producer

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