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MINA at the Technological Vanguard: Learning to Combine Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligen

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In the current era, every business venture must take advantage of the technological tool known as Artificial Intelligence and not lag behind. This was emphasized by Euselandia Alcántara, President of ERAS DISGRAF and Director of Marketing at MINA. In an interview conducted by the Fundación Compartamos, Euselandia explained what AI is and how to use it responsibly.

Ms. Euselandia pointed out that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to harness AI to obtain valuable information that can drive the growth of their companies. This includes identifying new trends, generating innovative ideas, formulating marketing strategies, and much more.

Ms. Silvia Chuquimarca, the founder of Fundación Compartamos, adds that the true revolution occurs when artificial intelligence is combined with human creative potential. The synergistic collaboration between humans and machines unleashes surprisingly powerful results.

It's worth noting that MINA, in its training program, incorporates entrepreneurial education on the proper use of technological tools like AI in the business environment. This not only enables effective adaptation to the constant changes in the business world but also enhances companies' ability to lead with confidence in the era of advanced technology.

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Editorial: Norma Bolaños Quiroz

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