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Joining forces to Drive Business Growth in Camden, NJ

In unity, we achieve greatness. It's all about solidarity and support. During the National Small Business Week celebration, MINA Lenders' founders, Josefina Gómez and Belkis Shindell, had an inspiring conversation with Krissy Moore, Vice President and Senior Community Relations Manager for the Northeast at Wells Fargo Bank. The discussion was all about the thrilling potential for financial support to supercharge business growth in Camden, NJ.

MINA's leaders shared their excitement, saying, 'we're thrilled about collaborative efforts to empower our local entrepreneurs and fuel economic growth in our community.' They also highlighted MINA's dedication to forming partnerships with various institutions, creating even more opportunities for entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and turn them into reality.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños Quiroz

Blog and Newsletter Content Manager

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