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Inauguration of MINA's Main Office: Empowering Communities toward a Promising Future

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Under the motto "Empowering communities through development and social efforts," representatives of Minorities Allied Lenders (MINA) enthusiastically celebrated the official opening of their main office. The event featured a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony by the directors of MINA, accompanied by special guests, friends, entrepreneurs, and community members. Pastor Arlena Corzine from KingsWay Church offered blessings, along with Pastor Francisco Rodriguez from Iglesia Celebracion of Philadelphia and Delphine Bailey from the Church In His Presence Ministries.

Pedro Rodriguez, Director of MINA and Advisor for Government and Corporate Relations, had the honor of delivering the opening remarks during the ceremony. In his speech, he expressed profound gratitude to the community for their support from the early days of MINA to this phase of growth. He emphasized the significance of the new office as a crucial resource and advisory center for those seeking socio-economic growth, providing guidance and support. In the same vein, Belkis Shindell, co-founder and CEO of MINA, shared the central words of the event, underscoring the company's mission and vision. "MINA was born with the purpose of serving the community, equipping our people with business training and providing them with the necessary tools to achieve economic self-sufficiency and overcome poverty."

Attendees had the opportunity to establish valuable connections with entrepreneurs and community leaders, thus strengthening MINA's commitment to community empowerment and its mission to drive socio-economic development and participation in the national economy.

This event represents MINA's steadfast commitment to the community and its belief in empowering individuals to forge a more promising future through education and business training. The company will continue tirelessly working to provide opportunities and resources to those in need, enriching the lives of the community and its individuals.

It is essential to highlight that Minorities Allied Lenders (MINA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the community and socio-economic development of immigrants in South Jersey and the metropolitan area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Through its initiative, MINA tirelessly works to provide tools, resources, and opportunities for those seeking to improve their quality of life and break free from poverty. With the inauguration of its main office, MINA reaffirms its commitment to the community and its empowerment mission leading to individual and collective progress.

Remember that MINA's main office is located at 5603 Westfield Avenue, Ste 7, Pennsauken, NJ 08110. Those interested in accessing MINA's services can visit their facilities, check their social media, or access their website at

For more information or to schedule interviews with MINA's directors, please contact Euselandia Alcántara, Marketing Director, via email at


Editorial:  Norma Bolaños

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