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Hadassah Women's Organization Brings Businesswomen Together from Philadelphia and South Jersey

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A prominent event took place in the city of Philadelphia on April 15th, bringing together influential businesswomen at the Hadassah Conferences. This gathering not only provided the opportunity to learn skills to strengthen entrepreneurial projects but also solidified the presence of MINA's female leaders to continue with their mission of entrepreneurial education to underserved communities of South Jersey and the metropolitan area of the City of Philadelphia. The Hadassah Conferences, present in three countries - the United States, Colombia, and Spain, are designed for a supportive community, networking, and information-sharing directed towards professional women, businesswomen, and potential entrepreneurs, as explained by its founder, the well-known socialite and amazing communicator, Edna Benavides: "These women, recognized as bearers of God's original design, share a common purpose: personal and business growth."

The guest speaker for this edition, the Hispanic journalist and lawyer, Jessica Domínguez, an expert in immigration law and author of the books "Mujeres Victoriosas" and "Combatiendo la Ansiedad", inspired attendees to overcome emotional challenges through effective tools. She stated, "We can overcome fears and adversities, emerging victorious from any situation."

Belkis Shindell, co-founder and CEO of MINA, expressed, "When women come together, wonderful things happen. Participating in the Hadassah Conferences is a unique opportunity, not only to enjoy the topics of interest presented by renowned speakers but also to meet businesswomen from different countries who gather at this event." This event highlights MINA's ongoing commitment to women's empowerment and their influence in the business sphere. In a world that values collaboration and solidarity, the Hadassah Conferences stand as inspiring examples of how women can overcome challenges and reach unimaginable heights together.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños Quiroz

Blog and Newsletter Content Manager

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