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Entrepreneurial Women Share Inspiring Experiences at the Women's Power Lunch

The MINA team had the privilege of participating in the Women's Power Lunch, invited by the visionary founder of Purpose-Filled Solutions & Evolutions, Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills. This exciting gathering, orchestrated by the inspiring Jo Colontonio, the driving force behind Ignite Business Partners / Ignite Development Partners, brought together over a hundred entrepreneurial women with the aim of exchanging meaningful experiences and building business relationships that promote mutual collaboration and the business advancement of women committed to their professional growth and socio-economic development.

As Jo highlighted in her invitation, these moments are truly magical, where there is a genuine willingness to collaborate among entrepreneurial women who seek to enhance their work. This event emphasized the importance of joining forces and working together to advance in the business world. It turned out to be an enriching occasion to establish new connections, share knowledge, and experiences that drive business success. In essence, the Women's Power Lunch was a vibrant platform where entrepreneurial women could nourish each other and contribute to the flourishing of their projects and communities.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños

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