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Empowering Hispanic Communities' Economic Independence

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In a resolute endeavor to combat poverty and bolster the self-reliance of the Hispanic communities in South Jersey, Minorities Allied Lenders has forged a powerful alliance with the Fundación Compartamos, from Ecuador. This groundbreaking collaboration was unveiled by Belkis Shindell, the visionary co-founder of MINA, during a revealing interview with Verónica Travez, a dedicated representative of Fundación Compartamos. The essence of this partnership lies in the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and strategies, all aimed at fostering the well-being of Ecuatorian population in the communities assisted by MINA.

Belkis passionately articulated MINA's commitment to extending a helping hand to the audience served by the Fundación Compartamos in the United States. This support is specifically directed towards South Jersey, where MINA operates, as well as any other city where Hispanic immigrants embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. She mentioned, 'upon the completion of their training, individuals will gain access to the essential financial support required to kickstart their own entrepreneurial ventures.'

Furthermore, Belkis highlighted the mutual benefits of this partnership, explaining that Fundación Compartamos will tap into MINA’s entrepreneurial training platform, which boasts a network of expert business coach's and mentors specializing in business and finance. This resource infusion will enhance the entrepreneurial education services, specially to women entrepreneurs in Ecuador.

Silvia Chuquimarca, the visionary founder of Fundación Compartamos, reiterated the profound mission of propelling the growth of the Hispanic communities towards overcoming the shackles of poverty. She emphasized, 'Education holds the key to unlocking opportunities.' In this context, Belkis underscored that access to training will extend even to those who may not have had the privilege of pursuing higher education but ardently aspire to become thriving entrepreneurs. This collaborative endeavor not only fortifies families but also bestows upon them the ability to offer their children a superior quality of life and brighter prospects. Consequently, this alliance marks a significant stride towards economic transformation and the empowerment of the Hispanic immigrant community in the United States, while simultaneously expanding horizons of opportunity in Ecuador. Belkis concluded with unwavering determination, 'together, we shall work tirelessly, firm in our commitment to construct a future that is more robust and filled with hope for all these communities.'

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Editorial: Norma Bolaños Quiroz

Blog and Newsletter Content Manager

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