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Cultivating Gratitude: MINA Celebrates Thanksgiving with the Community

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

In commemoration of Thanksgiving Day on November 16th, with the generous donation from U&S Distributors, representatives and volunteers from MINA Lenders came together in an act of gratitude with the St. Andrew Episcopal Church of Camden City NJ, to offer a special dinner to homeless individuals in the community.

The St. Andrew Episcopal Church was transformed into an emotional and welcoming setting to share a significant gesture of love and solidarity with those in need. This gathering not only provided physical shelter for several hours but also gave each guest the opportunity to enjoy a comforting meal, making them feel accepted and valued amid the warmth and service provided by the team of volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to share with the attendees.

In this spirit of gratitude, the MINA team is pleased to have contributed to this celebration that goes beyond the festive table, creating a space where generosity flourishes. MINA representatives expressed their gratitude to Reverend Pedro Guzmán and administrator Rosa Peña for the opportunity to connect with the community from the location of the St. Andrew Episcopal Church, strengthening the bonds that unite us, and the chance to serve together in special activities like Thanksgiving Day.

May gratitude continue to be a light that illuminates our hearts!

Editorial:  Norma Bolaños

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