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Commemorating Dominican Restoration Day with the Movimiento Tricolor

The annual celebration of Dominican Restoration Day, led by the prominent community activist Ruth Pérez, founder of the Movimiento Tricolor, has deeply rooted itself in the celebration of our tradition within the Hispanic community in South New Jersey. On this occasion, the event took place in the picturesque Von Nieda Park in Camden City, attracting not only local small businesses but also distinguished personalities from Camden City and over 500 community members. MINA was present at this significant event, bringing together Dominican immigrants with the diverse immigrant community of Camden City.

In a harmonious atmosphere, attendees enjoyed live music and savored exquisite dishes prepared by local entrepreneurs. It is important to highlight that the Movimiento Tricolor has had an extremely positive impact through its community initiatives. The celebration of Dominican Restoration Day became an event where MINA, entrepreneurs, and Dominicans came together to celebrate unity, diversity, and the ties that strengthen our community.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños

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