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Beautifying Our Community Together

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The power of unity becomes evident when directed toward a meaningful purpose, such as bringing a touch of warmth to our beloved city. On this occasion, once again, during the service week of KingsWay Church, San Andrés Episcopal Church, and MINA, joined forces closely to carry out a beautification event in Camden City.

This activity made a difference that represents unity by dedicating time and effort to sweeping the sidewalks and collecting debris on Federal Street, between 27th and 36th streets. This task saw the participation from members of KingsWay Church, San Andrés Episcopal Church, and representatives of MINA, all motivated by the desire to serve the community. A total of 21 volunteers enthusiastically joined this noble cause.

With every sweep of the broom and every bag of garbage collected, we left a mark of commitment and dedication to our beloved city. The determination to collaborate and contribute to common welfare shone through in every smiling face and every filled garbage bag. The combination of efforts among dedicated neighbors, faithful congregants, and the tireless representatives of MINA had a real impact on our community. United by love, we showed that with small gestures, we can achieve significant transformations.

Let's continue working together to maintain the radiance of our city and keep the spirit of collaboration alive.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños

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