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ABCs to Emerging Entrepreneurs

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Josefina Gómez and Belkis Shindell, founders of MINA LENDERS, reaffirmed their commitment to supporting new entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially within the Hispanic community of metropolitan area of Philadelphia and Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington counties of New Jersey.

They explained the necessary steps to access microcredit for businesses during an exclusive interview with Arianne Bracho, director of the program "Voces de Madre Tierra," broadcasted on Telemundo Canal 62. The interview is available on the YouTube channel corresponding to the 3rd Season of Voces de Madre Tierra.

Furthermore, they highlighted that MINA's priority is to offer technical assistance through entrepreneurial education for new entrepreneurs, supplemented with workshops designed to enhance participants' understanding of topics of interest and usefulness for managing their businesses. Additionally, financial support will be provided to new entrepreneurs and small businesses through microcredits.

For MINA, delivering high-quality services is a priority. Therefore, they also offer technical assistance to entrepreneurs whose businesses require loans over $50,000, guiding them through the application process with other financial institutions.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños Quiroz

Blog and Newsletter Content Manager

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