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"KingsWay Church, San Andrés Episcopal Church, and MINA, United for Our Elderly"

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


In a time where love is more crucial than ever, we discover its deeper meaning by directing our attention to our cherished seniors. With a rooted sense of purpose, during the service week of KingsWay Church, San Andrés Episcopal Church, and MINA formed a special collaboration to celebrate the elderly in Camden City, NJ.

Throughout this heartfelt event, held at San Andrés Episcopal Church, 32 volunteers came together with a common goal: to provide love, service, and care to 40 elderly individuals from marginalized communities in Camden, NJ. Personalized attention included hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, and relaxing spa sessions, among other gestures that filled this event with joy.

The essence of this day was also reflected in a delightful lunch prepared by volunteer ladies from San Andrés Episcopal Church, concluding with a bingo game involving all attendees. During this time, our valuable guests had the opportunity to express their needs and hopes, strengthening the connection with the organizers and volunteers who dedicated their time and hearts to this noble cause. The elderly expressed gratitude for this evening where the love of God prevailed in a tangible way.

Editorial: Norma Bolaños

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